The Lord is my Shepherd. I have Everything I need.God is the source of our lives, Pillar that holds our lives, He renew us every day with the strength we need, His in control, He shaped us for his own, We are his own image, He is jealous God, He is Love.What do you Lack this morning that you think He won’t provide for you. Remember if you have Him, you have everything.

everyone connected to me by blood and by covenant today.
I declare that every burden is lifted from their shoulders, that every yoke of slavery and low self-esteem be destroyed from their neck.
I declare and usher them into purpose, I usher them into joy, I usher into prosperity and increase. May the Lord answer them when they are in distress;May the name of the God of Jacob protect them always and forever.
I declare that the Lord will always send them help from His sanctuary and grant them support from Zion. He will remember all their sacrifices and accept their burnt offerings.
He will grant them the desire of their heart and make all their plans succeed.
I declare and proclaim that we will shout for joy over our victories and lift up our banners in the name of our God.�May the Lord grant all our requests and do the same for all families, communities, cities and nations in the Almighty name of Christ Jesus. Amen



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